Four Steps to a Well-Designed Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Table

by: Cami Archer

Step 1-  Think outside the box with the location for your dinner.

The reason behind this idea is to create something memorable and beautiful for your family.  It could be in a barn, out in apple orchid, by a lake, or any other fun place that comes to mind.  This idea would be the most difficult to pull off practically, but again, the idea is create a visual event that won’t soon be forgotten. Use the place to draw inspiration for your setting from the seasonal flowers, plants, and foliage around you. This will help in picking your color scheme. I used the normal late fall colors native to Utah to coordinate the color layout for the setting. 

photo 2

Step 2-Shop your home for items

You don’t have to break the bank for every event.  Use what you have!  Look through your cabinets for all kinds of dishes, glasses, and placemats. Don’t worry about everything matching perfectly. Just make sure you stay within your color scheme. You won’t always find what you need in your home, but you don’t have to spend a lot for new place settings.  Try a few different thrift stores and you’ll be guaranteed to find some very interesting and unique pieces.  If you don’t want more dishes long term just wash them, re-donate them, and consider it a cheap plate rental if that were a thing. I found these fun goblets at my local DI.

photo 5 photo 4 photo 3

Step 3 – Make it simple.

For a simple rustic look arrange various gourds of different sizes and colors down the center of the table.  I did a simple weave of local foliage branches. Russian Olives are plentiful, and can be found growing by almost in body of water in northern Utah. Look in your backyard for berries, branches or flowers. Let nature be your inspiration. I cut down tall ornamental grass from my yard and found some feathery vegetation that was by the lake. Make sure your centerpiece is low enough or tall and thin enough so you can see across the table.

photo 2A

Step 4 –Have Some Fun

Put a little surprise on your table that your guests can take home. I found these small owl piggy banks at a dollar store and sprayed them gold to be the name tag holders. Search your dollar store and get creative.

Photo 6

There are so many things to consider when planning for Thanksgiving.  With a little extra planning you can use these steps to create a memorable Thanksgiving that everyone will remember. 

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