Scrud’s Gourmet Burgers in Draper

By: Amy McMullen

Have you been out to try the newest burger place in Draper? Scrud’s has just opened at 528 east 12300 south. If you haven’t heard the buzz you need to check them out on Facebook. It is all the talk in my neighborhood and we just had to try it out.
First of all the service was great! The waitress was very attentive although she was very busy. The restaurant was clean and the selection was great!
They are best known for their stuffed burgers. The special of the day was stuffed with chicken potstickers, yes you heard me correctly. Mine was stuffed with cream cheese, artichoke hearts and jalepenos, it was SO good. My daughter had one stuffed with blue cheese and bacon. My boys got fried mozzarella bites which the eldest said were great and my youngest got the “young patriot” which is a HUGE burger from the kids menu and if they finish they get to sign the wall….yes he signed the wall. Milkshakes were homespun and fabulous. My favorite part however was the fry sauce. They bring over a bottle of regular fry sauce and a bottle of what they call “wimpy” sauce which is a sweet and spicy sauce. Alone they are both great, but I must say when I mixed them together there was a little bit of heaven in that Draper restaurant. I heard angels sing and everything.
Will I go back? Absolutely, I think they can give any burger a run for their money!

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