Now Open: Blue Lemon South Valley

11400 S. State Street : Blue Lemon is Finally Open!

We cannot tell you enough how excited we are to have a Blue Lemon in South Valley, much less a Blue Lemon so snazzy to boot! South Valley Proper took a little field trip to check out the retail development on 14000 S. and State Street and found deliciousness to spare. We have been patiently awaiting Blue Lemon’s arrival and opening and were not disappointed by the wait. We were entranced by the full glass wall entrance and the displays of desserts that greeted your eye. Overall the atmosphere was sumptuous and crisp. Blue and green colors throughout set off by natural wood tones was just touch we weren’t expecting. Everyone noted the tonal qualities of the stripey wood table were love at first sight. So enchanting the mod accents were  throughout that our eyes had candy to spare. “What did we eat?”, you say. Coconut Chicken, Steak Tacos, Steak, and Salads and not one dish was a disappointment but a delight.  What do you do when life gives you lemons? You make them blue.

South Valley Proper Rating:

Taste: 5 Stars

Atmosphere: 5 Stars

Service: 5 Stars

X Factor: The Fastest Non Fast Food or what they call “Fast Casual” you’ll every eat.

Cost:Mid Range, Good food anyone could reasonably afford.

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