Holiday Snow Globes: A kid friendly holiday craft!


By: Cherity Simons

Yes the holidays are coming swiftly and surely- we have cooked you up a cute, simple craft anyone can do on one of these quickly starting to be freezing nights. I really loved the idea of apothecary jars being reused to make these items and the low amount of faux snow just sitting around waiting to be eaten by small children and animals. At least it has a lid to keep them out. All the materials, came from our local Hobby Lobby.

Materials Needed:

Tiny Lights (the battery operated kind)

Faux Snow

Large Glass Jar with Lid

Scenery (Miniature Christmas Trees)

Subject (Snowman and Deer)

Material Cost: $20.97 with Jar (most items were 50% off)

Budget Saver: Use a jar you already have at home (the jar itself was 10$)

Project Difficult Level: This project was a Easy Skill Level – If doing with small children play close attention to the snow (that’s where all the mess comes from!)

Step One: Open Jar and Add Lights. Make sure the battery pack portion has enough line to drape down the back and be seated securely on a flat surface behind the jar.

Step Two: Add Snow: I used two different types of faux snow. The very glittery kind on top and the more cotton snow flakes on bottom. I used the entire first bag on the bottom portion and rearranged the lights as I went. The sparkly snow I put in a little at a time to accent it.

Step Three: Arrange Scenery and Subject: There were tons of different characters to choose from. I chose mine based on the scale of the trees I had selected. They were all fairly inexpensive. I used different sized trees to give the snow globe some depth and dimension. You can do several jars and several different scenes.

IMG_2629 IMG_2630 IMG_2631 IMG_2632 IMG_2633 IMG_2634 IMG_2635

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