Setting a Colorful and Easy Easter Table

Setting a Colorful and Easy Easter Table

By: Cami Archer


I do love the Easter holiday! It’s a time that bursts with happy colors, there are those delicious Cadbury chocolate eggs, and a hint of warmer weather to come. It is certainly a time for an Easter feast. What a better way to spend your day than with friends and family enjoying a meal over a beautiful looking table at home? It doesn’t have to stressful to pull off a Easter table. With a few simple tips you can have a showpiece as a table for the people you love.

Start with a color scheme


My color inspiration was from the cloth napkins. The napkins had the colors egg blues, pinks, grass green, with some yellow and brown. The colors were my jumping off point with everything that I bought. I found butterflies in that color scheme in a package at the dollar store. Carrots and red beets were the perfect accent to help with the color scheme. I bought two yards of green and white fabric to use as my table cloth that was perfect to pronounce the colorful napkins

Use Nature And Springtime




The grocery store gave me inspiration with some beautiful long carrots and red beets. I had an existing glass vase that I placed them in. By adding tulips and apple blossoms from my yard it brought springtime and life. Your yard can give you free inspiration!

The carrots and beets are found in the produce in Walmart or your local grocery store. I couldn’t find carrots with stems still on them so I found parsley to fill the top of the vase to complete the look.



Resources: 1. Stripped green and white fabric – Ikea 2. Bird Napkins – World Market 3. Rabbit Salt and Pepper shakers- Target 4. White Bunny – Ross 5. Colorful Butterflies and Carrots – Family Dollar 6. Cabbage pitcher and gravy boat- Home Goods 7. Place mats – Pier One 8. Clear glass vase – Walmart 9. White plates- Walmart 10. Clear and green glassware- D.I.

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