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South Valley Proper: Design Ideas and Inspiration

We are dedicated practitioners, and sworn aficionados, of interior (and exterior) design. Nothing speaks to us like a festively-adorned dining room table, or a DIY craft project that brings the family together AND produces an exquisite decoration. South Valley living is unique, and a new home design calls for an appropriate, and inspiring, beautification. Let’s keep you up-to-date on the latest design trends straight from the experts. Follow along with us as we turn home into a masterpiece of modern design.

Design Trend: Wood Lighting

Wood and Wood-Look lighting is popping up everywhere adding a rustic element to the everyday home. Many interepretations from the feminine and beaded to the masculine with strong lines and iron [...]

2016 Trend: The Shelfie

Looking for a place to stage your shelfie? What is a shelfie? A shelfie is “A term that refers to the artful arrangement of objects on a shelf-like surface” The actual shelf is just [...]

The Dining Room is Back

Formal dining rooms are reemerging as remixed, relaxed and rethought. The dining rooms of today are open, casual, and inviting. The cooking and dining process have been combined but separate as [...]

2016 Trend: Statement Mirrors

2016 has brought us a plethora of fresh trends and a few that have been gliding on year by year. This year we have seen our clients add statement mirrors to many of their homes in a variety of [...]

4 Last Minute Tips to Get Guest Ready

By: Cami Archer The Holidays season can be a very busy and stressful time of the year- especially if you are hosting family and friends for Thanksgiving. These simple tips will help your guests [...]

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