4 Last Minute Tips to Get Guest Ready

By: Cami Archer

The Holidays season can be a very busy and stressful time of the year- especially if you are hosting family and friends for Thanksgiving. These simple tips will help your guests will feel like they are royalty.

Guest Bedroom

Tip 1- Provide Bed and Breakfast Comforts

I want my guests to feel like they are spending time at a bed and breakfast. My husband’s family owned and ran a bed and breakfast in rural North Carolina, so we’re trying to keep up the tradition.  There are some simple items that anyone will appreciate: fresh clean sheets, extra blankets and extra pillows. Set out a couple of current magazines or books they might enjoy reading before bed. Place these on a simple tray (look for future post to make one of a kind trays).  If you want a lot of extra credit with your guests place a teapot and cup with their favorite drink. Diet Coke always seems to be a good option as well.

Comforts Guest Comforts Nightstand Guest

Tip 2 – Add design and warmth to guest’s side table

The side table should always include a lamp for reading and will make the room feel cozy.  Provide a clock and tray or dish to put their personal items on. If they are less than welcome guest make sure you have a clock that clicks loudly or has its alarm set for 3 am.  Smell is the sense most powerfully tied to memory so don’t forget to fire up your scentsy pot or light a candle with the scent of the season.  Fresh flowers may seem over the top which is entirely correct!  That’s exactly what creates wonderful memories and let’s your family how much their visit means to you.

Guest Bath

Tip 3- Add a unexpected Touch

Bathrooms can be the most overlooked area for guests.  Make your guest bathroom feel like a spa with an unexpected touched. Fill glass jars or apothecary jars with soaps, lotions, and bath soaps. Make sure you have extra toilet paper in a basket and set out large clean fluffy towels. Your guests might forget toiletries so have a glass jar full of toothpaste, soap, mouthwash, etc. for them to take and use.

Guest Blankets Guest Towels Guest Toilets Guest Room Chairs

Tip 4-Make it feel like home

There is nothing worse than staying in somebody’s house and feeling like you are being needy by asking for some necessities. As a host you want your guests to feel at ease with the necessities taken care of, and well cared for which is the little things come in. There are a few final things that can elevate their stay with the comforts of home. Give them a bottle of water and glass, provide a basket full of blankets in the room to make them feel cozy in your cool basement, add a luggage tray or ottoman to place luggage, and clear your drawers and closets in case they’d like to unpack and get comfy.  They are already going to be guaranteed to have a great time because they are at your house, but you have a chance to make their stay one they will never forget.

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