Who Are Our Contributors

As community of designers, stagers, thrivers and thinkers, we are always out seeking, searching and striving for the best of everything. We have hand picked out best design and staging collaborators.
  • Kylee Crockett
    Kylee Crockett Administrative Assistant, Staging Assistant

    All that is amiable, is all we can say about Kylee. Our sensible, soft-spoken heroine of the everyday, catching tomorrow and yesterday. She’s the in to our out and the enviable winning route. The true, the certain, the affable Kylee.

  • Marye Eby
    Marye Eby Transaction Coordinator

    A diligent and plucky left brained individual, Marye wields paper with panache. She gets the point and gets to the point. Ready, willing, and able is her file completion game. She is targeted and she hits the mark every time.

  • Cherity Simons
    Cherity Simons Director of Operations and Design

    Cherity is a deeply versed blend of a frank conventional practitioner and an artistic visionary with all of the resonating quirks. A literary scholar reared in Real Estate she is Content, Context and Focus. The personification of work ethic she drives others to their best professional selves, which is exactly what you deserve; the best from the best.

  • Amy McMullen Property Consultant

    Amy is a connector. Far beyond dots, she connects people, places, needs and wants. “Speak softly, and carry a big stick; you will go far” is the mantra she lives by. Once a well traveled business analyst, now an all encompassing sales machine, she is by far the softest tornado you have ever met. Amy will sweep up and take you to your emerald city and home again.

  • Traci Crockett
    Traci Crockett Property Consultant

    Traci, a teacher first, an agent second is the hymn of Proper. A pedagogy of value based information and drive for collective success she is the fountain from which knowledge can be obtained and practiced. Volumes of skills obtained are reflected in her eclectic approach to negotiation. She does not just do business, she does business well.